Profit from Scam Blocking

Cash in effortlessly

Emails, direct messages, calls - we do it all!

Today's Attention Economy makes time spent with your brand increasingly valuable, yet people's attention span gets progressively worse! Use FynCom's interactive rewards to grow the attention span of their target audiences, creating engagement that would otherwise be lost.

Understand your customers better

Are your customers getting phished?

Stop scams with refundable deposits. Our tech asks unknown senders to risk losing money to your audience before they can reach them. Learn more.


Too many scam DMs in chats?

Your community loves making connections, but not with scammers & imposters. Help mods by adding FynCom's Direct Message tech into your Discord, Telegram, or other chat-based community. Bonus - your users make $$ for every blocked spam DM! Contact us

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Increase Customer Engagement

Increase Customer Engagement

Increase customer engagement and increase customer loyalty by offering incentivized rewards along the sales funnel to encourage your audience to learn more about your products and offerings



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