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FynCom̅ lets you assign MicroPayWallsTM to ANYTHING with a unique ID. Want a way to charge $0.0001 to unlock access to a single article on your site? Want a way to instantly pay a phone number $0.50/minute to keep them talking to you? Not sure what you want? We've got a few ideas, read more below.


Use Cases / Inspiration


Robocall Mitigation

Our SpamCash algorithm is like STIR/SHAKEN, but 10x better, 10x cheaper, and 10x easier to deploy. SpamCash powers our RoboCash mobile application, giving every phone number its own refundable MicroPayWall with automated refunds/penalties for good/bad callers. As a bonus, we pay our Consumers for every call they block. Allow your Customers to help you in the fight against spam calls by letting them naturally decide what is spam.

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Cash Calls

Tired of cold call rejections? Want more qualified feedback for your surveys? What if people were excited to answer cold calls and talk to you? For the right price, they can be! We found 100% increase in pick up rates with just $0.50/minute. Sound interesting? Let's chat.

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Direct Message Spam PayWall

Has your online community been filled with spammers abusing the direct message features? Are you looking for new ways to monetize your dating site without ads? Empower your users with a refundable MicroPayWall to allow non-contact messages to slide into their DMs while you take a cut of the transactions!

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Our Team.

We are digital cash futurists & the leading experts in using refundable MicroPayWalls to positively influence behavior.

Adrian Garcia, Ph.D.


An internet native & inventor of the SpamCA$HTM algorithm. He will be your guide into the world of financial communications.

Dan Jenkins

Sales/Marketing Advisor

A 38-year technology executive with deep marketing & sales expertise.

Jason Civalleri

FinTech/Legal Advisor

A legal expert in FinTech / Blockchain law. His guidance shapes the legal foundation of FynCom.

Peter Gluck

IP Strategy Advisor

Let's work together through a mutually beneficial NDA & rebuild the data economy.


Technical Advisor

A highly experienced software developer who has designed our code to be as user-friendly as possible.

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