Mining for Response vs. Mining for Bitcoin

You've heard of "Mining Bitcoin", but have you heard of "Mining Responses" or "Mining Attention"?

I guarantee you've experienced it! All those unknown phone calls, unwanted texts, emails, DMs on social media / chat applications are the symptom of people trying to mine your attention. So who's making the money here and why isn't it you?

Why is this an issue?

  1. More businesses are created everyday. Those businesses want your feedback so they can grow and beat the incumbent players in their space.
  2. Technological tools/services are making it 10x easier for businesses to automate sequences of emails, calls, texts, DMs, etc. to their "prospects". These sequences can have anywhere from 6 to 20 actions associated with them.
how do you stand out when your call or text comes in??

The exponential rise in our technology and similar rise in population of people/businesses make it incredibly difficult for even the best national institutions to get the responses they used to get.

saturated communications creates a declinig response rate for all

Why should I care?

You know that thing about scarcity and value? Well, if responses are becoming scarce, shouldn't we be able to value them? Isn't there an opportunity here, where ## you can choose to monetize your responses or price your attention so highly that not even the biggest spenders have a chance at contacting you?

In this world, how do you let "legitimate" messages from friends/family/businesses reach you without paying?

FynCom was built to answer these questions. Our system does not require Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining. Instead, we support "Response Mining" where people get instantly rewarded for responding to emails, texts, calls, surveys and more - while businesses get the engagement they want. Are you ready for the Response Economy?

My ask to you

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PS - Oh, and we haven't even talked about how to address the actual SCAMS / Fraud that happen through these channels. Stay tuned!