Use Case: How Nano Foundation uses FynCom to increase engagement with a wider audience

The incentive theory of motivation suggests that people are motivated by incentives and reinforcements. It also proposes that people will behave in certain ways to gain rewards and avoid punishments. However, it's not as simple as it seems as people view similar incentives differently and these incentives will only work if people perceive them to be personally valuable.

The Nano Foundation's success story

Reaching large audiences and translating simultaneously

The Nano Foundation (NF) is a not-for-profit organization who helps provide access to money transfers anywhere in the world at no cost. Championing financial inclusion and growth for the world, NF recently launched a blog to share new stories and educate more people about their solution.

To reach as many people as possible, NF is hosting their blog on CrowdIn. Crowdin is a crowdsourcing translation and localization platform which helps websites match with audiences to translate their pages. With Crowdin, NF is able to leverage a wider global community to help them translate their blog into over 80 different languages.

However, access to a wider audience doesn't necessarily mean pages are being translated. This is where FynCom comes in. FynCom and NF are in a harmonious relationship where FynCom utilizes Nano to create feeless microtransactions and NF are using FynCom to instantly reward audiences for every translated word. With FynCom, NF is able to achieve their goals of high engagement and reaching a wide audience simultaneously.

The blogs, published last Thursday with FynCom's instant rewards are exciting. There has been 1.5x proofreading activity and over 5x translation activity. Not only has the translation activity been higher for NF but FynCom's user retention rate is also 6x higher than usual indicating that users are returning to the platform much more often!

Try it out for yourself!

If you're a fluent speaker of French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Nigerian Pidgin, Norwegian, Polish, or Indonesian and would like to try out FynCom's instant rewards tech yourself, sign up is simple:

  1. Create a CrowdIn account
  2. Go to the FynCom portal and input your Crowdin username.
  3. Visit the Nano blog and start translating

The blogs which have FynCom's incentivized rewards attached are

a. The beginner's guide to cryptocurrency and nano

b. How FynCom uses Nano to revolutionize customer engagement

c. The Nano Foundation and FynCom pioneering micro-transactions in language localization